Best indoor activities on a typical rainy day in Mauritius

Best indoor activities on a typical rainy day in Mauritius

Clouds and rain are here to stay... Some people love rainy days, others prefer sunny days at the beach. Either way, rain can't stop you from having fun. There are many fun indoor activities to do on rainy days in Mauritius. So make the most of the rainy weather to do things that you have long put off. Ascencia shopping malls offer the best indoor activities for adults and children. Grab your umbrellas and head to the Ascencia mall of your choice for the best activities to do on a typical rainy day in Mauritius.


Shopping is always a good idea

Just because it's pouring doesn't mean your day has to be boring. Go shopping! Treat yourself to some shopping therapy, alone or with your friends. Really, there's nothing like going to the mall. Even if you don't in-tend to buy anything, you'll still have a great time. Shopping is also a way to relax for many. You'll find a wide variety of stores of all kinds in Ascencia malls. Located all over Mauritius, choose the nearest mall from you. Ready-to-wear, health and beauty products, decorations and much more to discover! Ascencia Malls provide the best shopping experience, suitable for all budgets. So, shopping lovers, go shopping the next time the weather is grey!


Cinema at Bagatelle Mall

We can have fun in Mauritius despite the bad weather! Why not take the opportunity to go watch a movie at the cinema? It might be better to live the experience differently than at home. Indeed, you will find a cinema at Bagatelle Mall. And not just any cinema, but the biggest on the island, Star Cinema! Something to enchant movie lovers! Enjoy a beautiful setting surrounded by family and friends or go solo if you prefer. There's nothing like a good movie with popcorn on a rainy day, is there?


Discover the movies showing at Bagatelle



Indoor Games for children and also adults


Another fun way to spend a rainy day is to play! Have a great time with your kids at Koala Happy Island located at Phoenix Mall. This children's playground offers a variety of games, some more challenging and fun than others. Adults can also let loose and create great memories with their kids in the trampoline area. Teens will love it too! Doodland at Bagatelle Mall allows your kids to explore and play like real adventurers. Your kids will be in good hands, and you'll enjoy your shopping spree. Plus, if you're a bowling fan, head to Strike City at Bagatelle Home & Leisure. Challenge your friends and let the good times roll. Bowling on a rainy day is a great way to escape the weather outside.


Relax, Refresh & Rejuvenate with a Spa day

Rainy days make great spa days! Book an appointment at the Spa Village located in the centre of the island at So'flo. Rain can be the perfect excuse to recharge your batteries! A visit to the spa is a great idea to escape the daily routine! Book a massage to relax, focus on your health and release tension. The spa also offers services such as manicures and pedicures. Chat with your best friend while you get your nails done. And that's not all! If you get the blues when it's grey outside, a new haircut at the spa could help you feel better. Or a romantic getaway to the spa with your partner, especially on a rainy day, might also tempt you! In short, total relaxation awaits at Spa Village...


There you go, if you have to stay inside, why not make the most of it? Now you have a list of great activities to do on a rainy day in Mauritius. Discover something you might enjoy at one of our malls with family and friends. Good times guaranteed! 



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