Pure fashion for impeccable style from the feet up. Among the top 3 of Spanish footwear exporters, XTI uses the best materials to achieve the highest quality in their products for both men and women. All boots, shoes and bags are made with materials ranging from suede to knit, patent leather and canvas. They are durable products, where manufacturing and craftsmanship prevail. Striking, sinuous, capable of exalting feminine beauty with each step taken, the XTI women collection is a kind of a whirlwind of emotions. On the other hand, XTI also has an attractive and fashionable array of shoes for men that fit all kinds of occasions and functions. Give yourself a shoe makeover by going through XTI, exclusively at Bagatelle Mall.


Bagatelle Mall

Monday to Thursday: 09:30AM - 8:30PM

Friday & Saturday: 09:30AM - 10PM

Sunday & Public Holiday: 09:30AM - 3PM

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