Hemisphere Sud

Hemisphere Sud

Well-known in the Indian Ocean since 1996, Hemisphere Sud is a "must-visit" factory-shop in Bagatelle Mall for the highest quality original leather goods. The brand is the result of alchemy between a Parisian designer and the talents and creativity of the local craftsmen. Exclusive Handmade Leathergoods, Handbags, Travel Bags, Wallets, Belts... literally the most Parisian address on the Island! All their models are original patterns, deeply thought through and created to match your way of life, frequent travels, and are above all adapted to our modern world. During your next visit, check out their original registered collections handmade locally in their reputed factory.


Bagatelle Mall

    Monday to Thursday: 09:30AM - 8:30PM

    Friday & Saturday: 09:30AM - 10PM

    Sunday & Public Holiday: 09:30AM - 3PM

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