Adding colours to your life since their first steps in the paint industry in 1988! Sofap has grown to become a leading paint manufacturer in Mauritius through constant innovation and an unflinching commitment to quality. Manufacturer and distributor of Permoglaze paints under license, their product range includes decorative and protective paints and varnishes for both interior and exterior use. As part of their brand, they also manufacture a range of textured coatings under the brand TRIBE and distributes a dry-mixed tile adhesive under the PERMOFIX brand. With Sofap, say hello to a colourful life!


Present in: Bagatelle Mall, Phoenix Mall, Bo'Valon Mall, So’flo & Les Allées


Bagatelle Mall

    Monday to Saturday: 09:30AM - 7:30PMClosed on Sunday

    Sunday & Public Holiday: 09:30AM - 3PM


    Monday to Friday: 09:30AM - 6PM

    Saturday: 09:00AM  - 5:30PM

    Sunday & Public Holidays: 09:00AM - 12:00PM

Les Allées

    Monday to Friday: 09:30 AM - 6PM

    Saturday : 09:30 AM - 1:30PM

    Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays

Bo'Valon Mall

    Monday to Saturday: 09:30 AM - 6:30PM

Phoenix Mall

    Monday to Saturday: 09:30AM - 6PM
    Sunday and Public Holidays: 09:30 AM - 12.30PM

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