Yum Cha

Yum Cha

You want to try new flavors? Go to Yum Cha at Bagatelle Mall! Mauritian restaurant specialized in Cantonese cuisine, they offer the best Cantonese dim sum and roasts. You can also try also their specialties like the Dim Discovery and their signature noodles Yum Cha, you won't be disappointed! In the kitchen, expert Cantonese chefs make sure to concoct fresh and authentic dishes. Quick and tasty meals, ready to take away or to eat on the spot. Note that the dishes do not contain MSG. No pork or beef either. Yum yum yum cha...


Bagatelle Mall

    Monday to Thursday: 9:30AM - 8:30PM
    Friday to Saturday: 9:30AM - 10PM
    Sunday & Public Holiday: 9:30AM - 3PM

Phoenix Mall

    Monday to Thursday: 09:30AM - 8:30PM

    Friday & Saturday: 09:30AM - 10PM

    Sunday & Public Holiday: 09:30AM - 3PM

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