Vrndavana's Pani Puri

Vrndavana's Pani Puri

Popular as one of India's most scrumptious street foods, Pani Puri is a mix of spicy sauce in a crispy fried puri. The stuffing is usually made out of peas curry, boiled mashed potatoes and chickpeas finely blended with spices. Different parts of India add their own touch to the dish to create a special identity. At Vrndavana’s Pani Puri, you can get a taste of the lip-smacking Indian street food items and freshly cooked food. So don’t hesitate to drop by at Vrndavana’s Pani Puri’s kiosk when you’re at Bagatelle Mall and enjoy some savory pani puris!


Bagatelle Mall

    Monday to Thursday: 09:30AM - 8:30PM

    Friday & Saturday: 09:30AM - 10PM

    Sunday: 09:30AM - 3PM