Pizza & Burger Perfect

You've probably eaten pizzas and burgers before, but not like the ones at Pizza & Burger Perfect, located near Engen, Bagatelle. A variety of pizzas for all tastes! Fresh ingredients and homemade dough to keep the flavours authentic. Add your favourite toppings like mozzarella, cold cuts or olives. And then straight into the wood-fired oven for perfect cooking! Burgers are simple but tasty. Served with the side dish and sauce of your choice, you're in for a tasty meal! Hots-dogs, toasted sandwiches and steak are also available. And kids have a choice too with a kids menu! Discover a delicious experience with Pizza & Burger Perfect!


Bagatelle Mall

Monday to Thursday: 9:30AM - 8:30PM
Friday to Saturday: 9:30AM - 10PM
Sunday & Public Holiday: 9:30AM - 3PM

+230 471 0688