Enn Zistwar Poul

Enn Zistwar Poul

Chicken lovers, you’re in for a treat! Enn Zistwar Poul is making its place in Mauritians’ hearts with an aim of bringing people together in a Mauritian ambiance and create a sense of belonging. With their well-known Juicy & Crispy fried chicken, the “Poul Frir”, you have the choice to mix up the flavors in non-spicy & spicy, depending on your taste and appetite. Their range of menus has been elaborated to make every family happy; from the “Dipin Sosis” to their “Lerwa Bef” burger made with Angus Beef to their “Siprem Burger” made from delicious chicken thigh. Next time you come to Bagatelle Mall, head straight to 42 Market Street to discover their delicious menus!


Bagatelle Mall

    Monday to Thursday: 09:30AM - 8:30PM

    Friday & Saturday: 09:30AM - 10PM

    Sunday: 09:30AM - 3PM