Denim Lounge

The perfect place to shop for Unisex Jeans and Chinos. At Denim Lounge, located in Riche Terre Mall, all their products are made from impeccable quality denim fabric and have just the right amount of cotton stretch to them. While you’ll find classic shapes and shades, they also have something for the most stylish fashionistas with on-trend finishes and timeless colours. Their wide collection of Shirts and Polos made with finest quality fabric also come in multiple colours and a variety of prints. Have fun mixing and matching all their products to create a unique style!


Riche Terre Mall

Monday to Thursday: 9.30AM - 8:30PM
Friday & Saturday: 9.30AM - 10PM
Sunday to Public Holiday: 9.30AM - 3PM

+230 236 0862