Top Coffee Shops to Work Remotely in Mauritius

Top Coffee Shops to Work Remotely in Mauritius

Calling all remote workers and digital nomads! Are you looking for coffee shops in Mauritius to work remotely and comfortably? Ascencia Malls offer a perfect blend of productivity and comfort, making them ideal spots to set up your mobile office and unleash your creative flow. From cosy cafés with delicious coffee to vibrant atmospheres that fuel creativity, there's something for every work style.


Best Coffee Shops in the Centre at Phoenix Mall


Embrace the charm of Phoenix Mall with its cosy café spots where you can set up your workspace and savour a creamy cappuccino with a delicious pastry. Choose, work, and drink coffee in a vibrant atmosphere that supports your productivity.


Café Lux: Ideal during weekdays


Café Lux offers a welcoming atmosphere with comfy seating, reliable Wi-Fi, and charging outlets. It's an ideal spot for focused work during weekdays, with friendly staff ensuring a pleasant experience. Open from 8:30 AM daily, Café Lux is perfect for a productive workday, offering a trendy vibe and a variety of hot and cold drinks.


Vida e Caffé: A Stylish Work Environment


Vida e Caffé, near Jumbo at Phoenix Mall, features trendy decor and strong Wi-Fi, creating a stylish work environment. The cafe offers delicious food options and an energetic yet productive atmosphere, making it a great place for remote workers to get things done.


Artisan Coffee: Comfortable and Cosy 

Artisan Coffee near MedActiv and Metro Market in Phoenix Mall is so convenient. With natural light, comfy seating, and speedy Wi-Fi, it's perfect for getting things done while enjoying artisanal coffee and pastries. The spacious layout and dedicated quiet areas make it an ideal spot for productive work sessions.


Work, Meet, and Enjoy Coffee in Bagatelle Mall


Bagatelle Mall is a prime destination for remote work, offering a delightful selection of inviting coffee shops. Enjoy scrumptious French pastries and top-notch coffee as you tackle your tasks in a welcoming environment.


Pains et Moulins: The Ideal Spot for Remote Work

Pains et Moulins is a French bakery and pastry shop at Bagatelle Home & Leisure, offering tasty treats made from scratch. With cosy seating, indoor and outdoor tables, and free Wi-Fi, it's an ideal spot for remote work. The team crafts delicious pastries and bread without artificial flavours, emphasising authenticity and quality.


Paul: Premium Coffee to Boost Productivity


Paul in Bagatelle Mall offers premium coffee and amazing food made with the finest ingredients. With free Wi-Fi and a welcoming atmosphere, it's a perfect spot for a productive workday. The cafe's regular discounts and promotions, along with its catering services and event hosting options, make it a unique place to work and enjoy.


Artisan Coffee: For Focused Work Sessions


Artisan Coffee at Bagatelle Mall provides a relaxed and inviting environment with freshly baked pastries and quality coffee. It's an ideal spot for a change of scenery from your day-to-day office. The charming wooden furniture and complimentary Wi-Fi makes you ready for focused work sessions.


Café Lux: Coffee, Work and Meetings

Café Lux in Bagatelle Mall offers a nice atmosphere for remote work, with friendly conversations, delicious coffee, and sweet treats. With Wi-Fi and laptop facilities, it's perfect for a productive and enjoyable work experience. The friendly staff and extended hours make it an excellent spot to work on your own schedule.


Vida e Caffé: Unique Coffee Blends

Vida e Caffé in Bagatelle Mall stands out with its unique coffee blends, including Obrigado XX, Estrela, and Decaf Estrela. This coffee shop offers a variety of specialty drinks, freshly baked pastries, and healthy snacks, making it an ideal spot for remote work. Enjoy a comfortable seating area and exceptional customer service, along with free high-speed Wi-Fi and ample power outlets.


Where to Work in Floreal


Escape to So'flo, a chic haven in the heart of Floréal! This elegant mall offers a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience and is a fantastic place for a productive work session.


Illico: Perfect for Remote Work


Nestled in So'flo, Illico is a cosy coffee shop perfect for remote work. Enjoy the aroma of fresh coffee and pastries in a snug yet lively setting that inspires focus and creativity. Whether you prefer quiet nooks or bustling energy, Illico caters to all work styles. Plus, their menu of delicious coffees and sweet treats truly enhances productivity and happiness.


Work Remotely in Moka from Les Allées


Located in the vibrant area of Moka, Les Allées is a charming spot to get some work done while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere. With its inviting spaces and tranquil vibe, it's a perfect place to settle down with your laptop and be productive.


Moka’z: The Perfect Ambiance for Digital Nomads


Moka’z in Les Allées offers a perfect blend of productivity and relaxation with expertly crafted coffee drinks, mouthwatering bistro-style meals, and irresistible desserts. The cosy yet upscale ambiance makes it an ideal spot for remote work. Treat yourself to a variety of crafted coffee drinks and French-inspired dishes while soaking in the welcoming ambiance that fosters focus and creativity.


Get Work Done near Port-Louis


Riche Terre Mall provides a vibrant environment for remote work. It's a convenient location for those seeking a productive day out of the home office, offering a mix of relaxation and efficiency.


Artisan Coffee: For Coffee Enthusiasts and Remote Workers


Artisan Coffee in Riche Terre Mall is a haven for coffee enthusiasts and remote workers alike. Enjoy a delicious cappuccino and freshly baked pastries while you work in a nice and productive atmosphere. This coffee shop is loved by locals for its quality coffee, tasty menu, and inviting decor. So, if you need a change of scenery from your home office, Artisan Coffee provides a relaxed and inspiring environment.


Coffee Shops in the South of Mauritius


For those in the South of Mauritius, Bo’Valon Mall offers a comfortable and welcoming environment for remote work sessions. Its charming surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for a productive day out.


Mugg & Bean: An Oasis of Productivity

Mugg & Bean at Bo'Valon Mall is more than just a café—it's a nice oasis of productivity. Enjoy world-class coffee and freshly baked cakes while working in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The menu offers something for everyone, from classic favourites to innovative dishes, making it a delightful spot to balance work and relaxation.


Work Remotely with Ascencia Malls


Ascencia has some amazing spots where you can get work done! With a variety of coffee shops to choose from, you'll find the perfect atmosphere to spark your creativity and concentration. So grab your laptop, order your favourite drink, and tackle your to-do list in style at Ascencia’s awesome remote work spots!

Happy working and caffeinating! 💻☕


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