Sweet Escape: Exploring the Best Dessert Spots at Ascencia Malls!

Sweet Escape: Exploring the Best Dessert Spots at Ascencia Malls!

If you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, Ascencia Malls has got you covered! Each one of our vibrant malls boasts an array of delightful cakes and dessert spots that are a must-visit for any sweet lover. Explore the tempting flavours and cosy vibes of the featured dessert destinations at every corner of Ascencia Malls. Treat yourself to a little sweetness because you totally deserve it!


Bagatelle Mall’s Best Dessert Spots


Bagatelle Mall is a hub of delightful dessert destinations where you can indulge in a variety of sweet treats. From classic French pastries to exotic Syrian confections, Bagatelle Mall offers a unique and delectable dessert experience.


Haagen Dazs: For Ice Cream Lovers


For ice cream lovers, Haagen Dazs is your one-stop shop! Treat yourself to the ultimate sweet escape at Haagen Dazs in Bagatelle Mall. Get ready to embark on a flavourful adventure with ice cream creations made from the finest ingredients sourced globally. Whether you're a fan of traditional flavours or feeling adventurous, Haagen Dazs has something to delight every palate. Come and indulge in a memorable treat that will have you coming back for more!


Pains & Moulins: Your pastry shop for delectable desserts


If you love pastries and viennoiseries, Pains & Moulins at Bagatelle Mall is the place for you. This cosy French bakery and patisserie offer a delicious array of treats that will satisfy every craving. From heavenly gourmet treats to delectable savoury products, this charming spot is a true culinary treasure. Whether you choose to enjoy your treats with a frothy cappuccino in-house or take them to go for a moment of indulgence, Pains et Moulins is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.


Café Lux: Coffee First! Desserts Next!


But first, coffee. Whether you're in the mood for a strong espresso or a cool frappe, Café Lux at Bagatelle Mall has a variety of expertly brewed coffees to choose from. And it’s not just your average café—they also offer scrumptious pastries, tasty sandwiches, and even decadent ice creams for a truly indulgent experience. Stop by, grab a seat, and let the inviting smell of freshly brewed coffee be the perfect backdrop for a moment of happiness.


Baklava Sweets: Syrian Desserts in Mauritius

Step into the vibrant world of Syrian desserts at Baklava Sweets, located at 42 Market Street in Bagatelle Mall. Here, you'll find an exquisite assortment of creamy baklavas and basbousa, filled with premium nuts like pistachios, cashews, and almonds. Whether you're a vegetarian or not, there's something for everyone—from the cashew Ish Elbulbul to the cherry Nammoura and the luxurious Mulhallabia. Let yourself be transported by the enchanting flavours of Syrian confectionery!


A Sweet Escape to Bo’Valon Mall

Bo’Valon Mall is your go-to destination for authentic and mouth-watering desserts. Whether you're in the mood for Turkish delights or classic sweet pastries, this mall provides an array of options that will leave you craving more.


 Istanbul Turkish Corner: Discover Flavours of Turkey

Calling all lovers of Turkish sweets! Discover the Istanbul Turkish Corner at Bo'Valon Mall, where you’ll find a variety of authentic Turkish and Ottoman Baklava sweets and Turkish delights. Immerse yourself in the flavours of Turkey and treat yourself to these delicious treats that will transport you to the vibrant markets of Istanbul.


Mugg & Bean: Sweet treats with coffee!

Mugg & Bean in Bo'Valon Mall offers a wide range of sweet treats, from muffins to banana tarts to cheesecake and more. Craving a piece of cake or a flaky pastry? Mugg & Bean has something for you. Pair your dessert with their deliciously brewed coffee for the ultimate treat. And don't forget to try their savoury options like sausage rolls and tasty fish & chicken puffs.


Featured Dessert Destinations at Phoenix Mall

Phoenix Mall is a haven for dessert enthusiasts, offering a diverse selection of sweet treats to satisfy every craving. From guilt-free frozen yoghurt to traditional Indian sweets, Phoenix Mall promises something delicious for your sweet tooth.


Ice Berry: Guilt free treats 

From creamy ice cream to refreshing FroYo, indulgent milkshakes to crispy waffles, Ice Berry has it all. Their desserts are all-natural, probiotic, Halal-certified, and even offer stevia and fat-free options. Whether you're in the mood for a guilt-free treat or a classic dessert, Ice Berry is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious sweet treat in a welcoming atmosphere at Phoenix Mall.


Indian Swad Express: Indulge in Indian sweets

If you're in Phoenix Mall and craving some delicious Indian sweets, head over to Indian Swad. Every Saturday from 4 pm to 9 pm, you’ll receive a free jalebi with your thali. Don’t forget their sugar-free dry fruit laddoo, made with a tasty blend of dry fruits, and their Kaju Kattri - the perfect sweet treat for any celebration. Indian Swad offers a flavourful journey to India!


Poppingo: Satisfy your sugar cravings 

Don't miss Poppingo at Phoenix Mall! This sweet spot is a paradise for anyone who loves treats like pancakes, waffles, bubble tea, popcorn, and candies. The happy vibes and delicious smells make it the ultimate spot to satisfy your sugar cravings while taking a break from shopping and unwinding. Poppingo guarantees a fun and satisfying experience that you'll remember long after your visit. 


The Sweetest Spots in So’flo 

So’flo invites you to discover a world of sweet indulgence with its charming dessert spots. Whether you’re in the mood for a cosy café experience or a quick grab-and-go treat, So’flo has something for you.


 Illico: A Cake Lover’s Dream

Welcome to Illico, located in So'flo, where each visit feels like a warm hug from home! This charming spot is a cake lover's dream, featuring a mouthwatering selection of treats from cheesecakes to red velvet to pancakes. With its cosy vibes and delightful bistro menu, it’s the perfect spot for a lunch or dinner date. Enjoy one of their evening desserts like pear poached in red wine, roasted pineapple, and chocolate cake!


Paul Café: Freshly Baked Pastries


At Paul Café in So’flo, delight in a range of freshly baked pastries, artisan bread, and exquisite desserts. Whether you crave a tangy lemon tartlet, a decadent éclair, or a rich chocolate tart, Paul Café has it all. Have a smooth latte and treat yourself to one of their delicious desserts for a guaranteed gustatory pleasure. With its cosy and sophisticated atmosphere, Paul Café is the perfect spot for a relaxing coffee break or a leisurely afternoon.

Smart Box Grab & Go: A Variety of Desserts

Located at So’Flo, Smart Box is a unique food concept mixing a café and a restaurant offering delicious baguettes, paninis, croissants, salads, tarts (pineapple, blueberry, chocolate), desserts like crème brûlée, chocolate mousse, cookie doughnuts, and more! You’re in for a treat with a wide variety of dishes that satisfy all taste preferences and budgets.


Sweet Treats in Les Allées

Les Allées is the perfect place to explore delightful desserts that cater to every taste. With its artisanal gelato and a variety of sweet options, Les Allées ensures a satisfying and refreshing treat for everyone.


Gelato By Artisan

Gelato by Artisans is the ideal spot at Les Allées for those yearning for a refreshing or sweet treat! At Gelato by Artisan, each scoop of their gelato is a delicious fusion of flavours. Classic or traditional, they have something to satisfy everyone. Treat yourself to a smooth gelato, pair it with some warm Belgian waffles, or sip on a creamy gelatoshake for a truly decadent experience. A visit there is a must!


Moka’z: Desserts in a Cosy Atmosphere


Moka’z offers a cosy and inviting atmosphere perfect for a relaxing break or a catch-up with friends. Delight in a variety of desserts like their delicious crepes, mouth watering cookies, rich banana tart, and the classic Mauritian treat, “napolitaine”. Whether you're craving a comforting cup of coffee or looking to cool off with a refreshing juice or smoothie, Moka’z promises a fast-casual dining experience that is both delightful and satisfying. 


Featured Dessert Destinations at Riche Terre Mall


Riche Terre Mall brings you a selection of exquisite sweets that cater to every taste. Discover the best of Indian confectionery and treat yourself to a world of sweet indulgence.


Royal Mithai: Indian Sweets for Special Occasions


Explore the rich flavours of Indian mithai at Royal Mithai in Riche Terre Mall. From the sweet, nutty richness of laddoos to the melt-in-your-mouth texture of barfis, each sweet is crafted with care and precision. Royal Mithai is the perfect destination to satisfy your cravings for authentic Indian sweets, whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply indulging in a sweet treat.


Discover Riche Terre Mall


Satisfy your sweet tooth at Ascencia Malls

On a final and sweet note, do not hesitate to indulge in a range of delicious treats with your loved ones - from luxurious patisseries to cosy ice cream parlours. Come discover our various sweet spots across the island, and make your life sweeter with Ascencia Malls! 

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