Fun activities for kids in Mauritius

Fun activities for kids in Mauritius

Kids, it’s time to have fun with Ascencia!


Spending time with your children is very important, especially when they are young and curious. Not only does it create opportunities for your children to develop, but it also allows you to share some fun family time together. If you're looking for a place where your kids can have fun and interact with other kids, head to one of Ascencia's malls. You'll find a variety of activities to keep your little ones entertained and have fun with Ascencia.



Doodland at Bagatelle Mall


Doodland is an ideal playground for children who are adventurous at heart. It's also a safe place for kids to run, climb, jump and do other activities on their own or with other kids. With Dood, the 9-year-old dodo, it's guaranteed to be a fun and happy time! So bring your kids the next time you're in Bagatelle; you’ll make them happy.



A wide range of fun activities for kids


In the Doodland universe, you will find various activities that are not only fun but also educational for children. Role-playing games, as well as learning and fun activities are offered to stimulate the child's imagination. These games aim to develop and reinforce children's knowledge, skills and values. Children will enjoy the indoor playground, the jungle gym and DOOD's Playville. Parents can fully engage with their children by participating in the activities, thus strengthening the parent-child bond.


Take me to Doodland 



Koala Happy Island at Phoenix Mall


No, not an island full of happy Koalas! Instead, Koala Happy Island is an indoor playground filled with happy children. Located in the Phoenix Mall since 2019, kids can have a blast spending a day at Koala Happy Island. The park is suitable for children of walking age. Some of the most exciting and fun games in a family-friendly environment for an unforgettable time

An indoor playground not only for kids



Indoor playground accessible to teenagers & adults


Who says adults can't have fun at Koala Happy Island? Everyone is welcome! Teens and adults alike have fun with the kids. A dip in the sand pool or the bubble pool? A jump on the trampoline... or even several jumps? A trip to this playground will allow you to unwind and, above all, have fun…Jump in soon!


It’s time to be a happy koala ! 



Bowling for Kids at Strike City, Bagatelle


Your kids want to bowl? Head to Strike City in Bagatelle! Fun times with even more activities to entertain you on the menu. Come and discover the eight-lane bowling alley with your kids. Sip a cold drink while watching your little ones have the time of their lives. Feeling peckish? Choose from a variety of tasty snacks. So, are you ready to hit the lanes and have some fun with your kids?  


Let’s bowl 



Activities for children organised by Ascencia Malls


Children are more than welcome in Ascencia Malls. Activities for children of all ages are available. Ascencia organises loads of workshops for kids throughout the year, where they can unleash their creativity and learn DIY stuff. Decorating Easter eggs, creating Diwali lamps, drawing Christmas trees…you name it, we organise it!



Special activities for children during holidays


Like a taste of holidays... School vacations are children's favourite time of the year. And, when it comes to school vacations, it means fun! Ascencia offers children fun activities in its shopping malls across the island. If you don't know what to do with your child, visiting one of the malls is a must! 

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