Avril Cosmétique Bio: Your Go-To for Organic Cosmetics at Bagatelle Mall

Avril Cosmétique Bio: Your Go-To for Organic Cosmetics at Bagatelle Mall

Are you looking to achieve a natural and organic beauty routine on a budget? Avril Cosmétique Bio makes it possible! Exciting news: a new store has just opened in Bagatelle Mall, your go-to shopping spot! Step into this amazing store and be delighted by a diverse selection of certified organic and natural cosmetics suitable for every member of your family, offering affordability without compromising quality. Let’s learn more about this new organic cosmetic shop in Mauritius.

Making Organic Products Accessible to All in Mauritius


Since 2012, Avril Cosmétique Bio has set out to make organic and natural beauty accessible to everyone. With a deep commitment to environmental protection and caring for your skin, the brand is dedicated to offering certified organic products at affordable prices. At Avril Cosmétique Bio, quality and respecting your skin are priorities. Each product is meticulously designed to combine efficiency with environmental respect. Shift to responsible beauty that promotes your well-being and that of our planet.



When Beauty Aligns with Nature


Avril Cosmétique Bio focuses on the perfect alliance between beauty and nature. By emphasising natural and organic ingredients, the brand is committed to offering your skin care that combines effectiveness with respect for its sensitivity. With Avril Cosmétique Bio, you are choosing truly natural beauty, where each carefully formulated product helps preserve the beauty and health of your skin. You can now choose organic cosmetics in Mauritius that prioritise your well-being with Avril Cosmétique Bio.




Discover a Selection of Products for the Whole Family


From women seeking skincare solutions to men in search of natural alternatives, to parents dedicated to ensuring the well-being of their children, Avril Cosmétique Bio has you covered. Their collection features organic and natural makeup options, body and facial care products, as well as liquid and solid hair care essentials suitable for all requirements. Choose Avril Cosmétique Bio as your go-to brand for premium quality products that cater to both your needs and those of your loved ones.




Organic and Natural makeup to Enhance your Natural Beauty


At Avril Cosmétique Bio, natural beauty is highlighted through an exceptional range of makeup products. Their makeup products are meticulously designed with natural ingredients, revealing your authentic beauty. Whether you choose a subtle everyday look or a sophisticated look for a special evening, the brand offers a wide selection of colours and textures to satisfy all your desires. Let yourself be tempted by innovative, environmentally-friendly products and experience ethical and glowing beauty.



Natural Care for the Face, Body, and Hair


Choose natural care to take care of your skin with tenderness. Their products for the face and body are formulated with nourishing, moisturising, and soothing ingredients to pamper your skin deeply. From moisturisers to makeup removers, scrubs, and masks, each product has been designed to offer you a unique sensory experience. Treat yourself to beautiful and radiant skin while respecting its delicate nature.


Don't forget to pick out one of Avril Cosmétique Bio's products for your hair care needs and experience the transformative power of natural products. From shampoos and conditioners to hair masks and nourishing oils, their specially formulated products are designed to strengthen, repair, and enhance your hair. Rediscover strong, healthy, and beautiful hair with Avril Cosmétique Bio and give your hair the nourishment it craves. Your hair deserves the best, just like your skin does.




Certified organic gift ideas in Mauritius


Treat yourself or a loved one to their carefully curated gift sets that will take your skincare and makeup regimen to the next level. Avril Cosmétique Bio is your one-stop shop for premium beauty essentials that are both effective and beautifully packaged to make every use feel like a special treat. 


Visit Avril Cosmétique Bio at Bagatelle Mall today


In short, Avril Cosmétique Bio offers everyone the opportunity to take care of their skin and hair while preserving the environment. We invite you to come discover their wide range of products in their new store at Bagatelle. Let Avril Cosmétique Bio's natural beauty seduce you!


See you soon, skincare lovers!