When the expert accountant goes on the field


Parama Sabapathee, the ACCA member, shares his experience as Centre Manager of Kendra & Les Allées.



My aim in life is to be a successful manager who can bring the best out of his team and also be adaptable to change. The position of Centre Manager requires perfect coordination with all team members and also be adaptable to constant changes, particularly during a time which demands a complete shift in our way we think and act. 


I took the challenge to move to operations as a big opportunity for growth and was appointed as Centre Manager of Kendra/Les Allées in April 2020. Managing a mall is very challenging as there is a need to raise the levels a little more each day while developing skills and knowledge in all fields namely leasing, finance, operations and marketing. Whilst the operation side was a big challenge for me, the hands-on approach on the field was a great opportunity for me to learn and develop my skills. The daily interaction with tenants, service providers and customers has contributed a lot in my personal development while helping me create the ideal shopping environment for these key stakeholders. Good communication skills, proper work planning and management of staffs, proactivity, relationship & time management and customer centricity are the key qualities for me which are essential to manage a Mall at our BEST.


Kendra and Les Allées, being at the heart of Moka and Saint Pierre are proximity centres for all the residents in the region. With all the commercial and residential developments happening around the region through the Moka City project, Kendra & Les Allées along with Bagatelle Mall, have positioned themselves as unique destinations for the people working and residing in Moka. I have learnt a lot in the past few months and looking forward to 2021 to reinforce the positioning of Kendra and Les Allées in Moka with more innovative ways to connect with our visitors through the offerings of our tenants.