The post confinement period coupled with the closing of our borders has urged the business community in Mauritius to reimagine its business model. Various companies have had to customize their offerings to the local market while looking for means to make them known to the public. Our Malls have proved to be relevant platforms for these brands, particularly for tourist operators, to showcase their products and services to our shoppers and visitors.



Adapting our strategy


With this growing demand, we have adapted our pricing so that these brands may benefit from the exposure of our Malls and our various events which help to increase their visibility. As such, our exhibitors range from craft products offerings to operators proposing various outdoor leisure activities. Besides, this mix among our exhibitors contributes to the diversification of the offerings of the Malls whilst providing a platform to those companies who are struggling to keep their businesses afloat.


The local market

Ascencia is an entrepreneurial organisation which is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve the customer experience in our malls. In the COVID-19 context, it is essential for us to support local companies. Through the B’Local initiative, we aim to promote entrepreneurial qualities, create opportunities for creative minds to flourish in a supportive environment. Our focus will be on using our market expertise to back 10 retail or service provider start-ups by 2023. Sustaining the business ecosystem of the island is, more than ever, a priority. With our exhibition strategy and the B’Local initiative, our goal is to make use of our market expertise to extend our support to companies which need to make them known to the public.


I remain available on to discuss further on your brand visibility in our Malls.