Environmental responsibility


  • 87,974 carbon dioxide saved 2016: 69,326 m³ CO₂
  • 1,101,804 Water saved 2016: 855,680 m³ H₂O
  • Internal sustainability campaign launched
  • 399,985 kWh energy saved 2016: 326,965 kWh
  • 718 trees saved 2016: 557
  • Use of new green products in our centres for cleaning purposes
Creating Valuearrow_forward

The value creation potential of Ascencia depends on its ability to identify all available resources and align them with our corporate strategy.

We also realise that the activities related to the conduct of our business (property development and management) contribute to the depletion of natural assets and production of large quantities of waste. To this end, Ascencia is taking the initiative to give its activities a green stamp.

This means our ecologically responsible practices are constantly reviewed and implemented to help sustain value across our operations.

Challenges faced and opportunitiesarrow_forward

The challenges we face require long and arduous reforms, both in terms of operations and thinking. Our strategy is to take step by step initiatives to ensure appropriate responses to our environmental concerns.

Our teams are actively encouraging stakeholders to optimise energy and water use in our malls. We have appointed the University of Mauritius to assess our sewer treatment plant and are working with professionals to manage the plant and train our staff. We also carried out an energy audit at Bagatelle Mall to better understand the consumption patterns of tenants and shoppers and come up with energy-saving solutions.

Main targets for next yeararrow_forward

We will carry on with our environmental objectives of managing our resources to achieve optimum levels. Further audits across our malls to better comprehend consumption patterns will be carried out, and appropriate responses will be developed. LED lightings will be installed in the malls and a major overhaul of our electricity system will be set.

We will be commissioning rooftop photovoltaic plants for Phoenix Mall, Bagatelle Mall and Riche Terre Mall. Their total capacity will be in excess of 3MW and will represent approximately 30% of our consumption.